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There are many different ways to leverage our app. Here are the most common ones.
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Property Tours

Time to relocate? Search for homes that fit your budget and location and hire an eye to go out and live stream the property and its surroundings. Avoid paying for airline ticket and hotels and save lot of time!

Car Inspections

It makes it easy to have someone inspect a vehicle you're thinking of purchasing from a location far from you. Hire someone with professional knowledge to inspect the vehicle and make sure it makes the grade.

Real-Time Use

Interact with other users from all over the globe in real-time. Anytime you need someone to be somewhere for any reason at all, the Fuzul App has you covered and will help keep you involved.

Secret Shopper

Looking to buy something from the store far from your current location? Instead of going all the way to find out if what you looking is in store, why not hire someone to check it out?


We continuously enhancing our app to make sure providing the best experience for our users.

Easy to Use

If you are looking to create a job or make money on the side, our app designed to be easy to use and user-friendly. Just lunch the app and you'll know what to do.

Real-Time Use

Interact with other users from all over the globe in real-time. We constantly improving communication methods and features.

Secure Payments

We apply the best practices in security and payment processing to make sure providing a safe environment for our users.


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Super easy to make money. I literally just made a video of me eating fries and I got paid 10 times what I paid for the fries. This type of gig work seems way more intriguing and convenient compared to car sharing or food delivery.

AppStore - Super convenient money


This app is awesome. Wow. If you thought driving for uber was easy why not earn money without having to spend money i.e. gas. You literally just let someone view what you are filming. How easy is that. Or if you are off site and need to inspect something or someone’s work, who can inspect it better than yourself.

AppStore - Putting uber in the slow lane

Google Play

Very easy to use and navigate. Highly recommend taking a look. Great concept and user interface for a relatively new app! I'm certain there will be increasingly more jobs week by week.

Google Play - Very easy to use

Google Play

Now Available On

There are over 2 billion people with smartphones in the world which all have cameras and recording capability. Fuzul connects people who are in need of an eye to witness live an event, someone or something with users who would like to earn money by being the eye for them using live streaming video.

Fuzul App


We’d love to hear your feedback or help with any problems, please send us a message and a member of our team will get back to you.
After a large parking lot repair to his out of state property, our founder needed a property tour done to confirm completion of the job before he paid the vendor.

He struggled to find someone to just take a video of the job and hence came up with idea of Fuzul: hire someone close to the location to live stream the property.

You need to download our App and sign up. Then tap on "+" button to post a new job.

Specify your Location that job needs to be executed, and try to explain what you are looking for in "Description". Then specify the amount of money you are willing to pay.

If you have any specific deadline, select date in "Perform Job By" section and tap on "Save" button.
After you perform any job and it gets approved, we will wire your earnings to your bank account.

You can specify your bank information in "Payment Details" under "My Profile" section.

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